Robin's Nest Children's Home

Robin's Nest is located just outside of Montego Bay, Jamaica. They serve around 35 children placed with them by Jamaica's Child Development Agency. While at the Nest, children are surrounded by dedicated and loving staff, volunteer directors from the United States, and volunteers that come from all over the world. Some children return to their biological families, others go into foster care, and some are adopted locally or internationally. Their goal in caring for each child is 3-fold:

1. SAFE ENVIRONMENT - Most of the children that come to Robin’s Nest are not accustomed to three meals a day, clean clothes, a safe place to sleep and unconditional love… but at the Nest, these “basic needs” are consistent essentials given to the children every day. 
2. EDUCATION - Robin's Nest knows that education is key in preparing the next generation! The on-site preschool and early education programs provide necessary skills and instruction not only for the Nest children but also for children from the community. For older children, we seek out private schools that uniquely fit the needs of each one.
3. CHRISTIAN UPBRINGING - Jesus said to "let the little children come" to Him and the Nest is dedicated to doing just that...leading kids to Him (Matthew 19:14) and growing them into boys and girls that love Jesus and each other. Our desire is for the children to know their heavenly Father's unfailing and unconditional love, forgiveness, and healing.

This summer for our 1st Anniversary, Jordan and I took a trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica and we knew that we wanted to spend at least one day during our trip helping out at a local orphanage. After researching some places, we came across the Robin's Nest and could tell that this organization had the right heart. We contacted the directors and organized transportation from our resort to spend an entire afternoon out there playing with and loving on the kids! We truly fell in love with the place and the people there. The kids were so friendly and so eager to play! It was hilarious playing tag with them and even hearing them sing pop songs to us! While we were there, Ms Danielle, one of the directors, had to leave to pick up several children that were being placed there. It was amazing to see them bring these kids in and start showing them love. The Nest, is a unique place and even though Jamaica is considered a paradise by vacationers and honeymooners, there is still a tremendous amount of poverty outside the tourist centers. The Nest provides hope and a Christ-centered place for kids to grow into who God has called them to be!

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Remember that this month, 10% of all our sales gets donated Robin's Nest and that this Christmas, you aren't just shopping for gifts or for yourself, you are helping give to this incredible children's home!

- Maegan & Jordan