About Us

Hello Everyone!

My name is Maegan and this is my husband Jordan and our adorable ball of fur, Blade. We met at our church some years ago and he decided to ask me on a date, and around two years later we got married! Our dream is to travel as much as we can while doing as much as we can for others. As a part of that, one of my biggest dreams since I was fifteen years old was to design my own clothes and to do something that gives back. In 2016 we had an idea that could combine my passion for fashion and our hearts for helping, so we started mädəstē clothing.

mädəstē (pronounced modesty) is a clothing company that sells attractive, trendy, and modest clothes for women who want to look and feel beautiful! The other awesome thing about mädəstē is that a part of every purchase goes to help a non-profit organization that is doing something to change the world we live in. Every month you will see an organization who has partnered with mädəstē which will receive a part of every item sold for that month. This way we can introduce them to new people who may have never heard of them and we can help contribute to the good that they are doing for our communities! Everyone wins! 

Our hope is that everyone who shops with us will find something beautiful and also be a part of something beautiful! Thank you!

Love - Maegan and Jordan